Saturday, April 16, 2011

Naughty Children - Finely Ground

Tsk, tsk. It seems that one of the Residents of Mockingbird Manor has taken to grinding up naughty children.  I do hope that it's not our cook, although now that I think about it she has been making some devilishly good seasoned soups lately.

We are not exactly sure WHO it is that is doing such a dastardly thing - but believe me. Once we find out who it is you will be the first to know!

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Busy Little Girl's Art Apron

 This cute little apron has a long panel sewn behind the vintage hankie pocket sewn into compartments for crayons, pencils, and other stash items that your budding artist may have lifted from your art supplies! (Believe me, I speak from experience on  I'm still finding hidden things that the kidlets have 'borrowed' from me what has to be 3 or 4 years ago!

The vintage hankie is a big open pocket to put things that won't fit inside the smaller pockets.

Apron is made out of red ticking.  Sorry for the bad pics - the apron was hard to take a pic of and this was the best I could come up with, but you get the idea ;)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Fairy Specimen

This little fairy must have been very important to someone, who took the time to create a shrine for her tucked away in the Mockingbird Manor Forest.

Mockingbird Manor is chock full of fairies so I'm really not surprised that I have come upon this.  What sort of fairies, you ask? We have naughty fairies who like to play trixies on everyone, nice fairies who leave surprises for the kidlets in the most interesting places, and old-bat-Southern-grouchy-lady fairies who love to try to make everyone just as irritable as they are. Let me tell you......when the naughty fairies hang out with the Ghosts from the Old Cemetery who enjoy partying at the Manor and those crazy old-bat-Southern-grouchy-lady fairies start drinking  - watch out because that's when things disappear from my studio and horrendous messes are made from one end of the house to the other!  Those ghosts are a *bad* influence.

So what do you think? Would this have been a naughty, nice or grouchy fairy? I'm inclined to think she was a nice fairy - perhaps with a penchant for mischief!

An awful lot of care was taken to make this fairy doll shrine out of a teeny, tiny little coffin. Just look how the stitched leaf ribbon has grown around it, her sparkly glitter wings and just a glimmer of fire polished Czech beads at her feet.  I do believe that much of this came from my studio! There is that gorgeous tulip bead cap and mini lily that I was missing - and those clever fairies used my seaweed fiber set for the grass!

Ah well.  I can't complain too much about the lifting of my supplies. At least it was all used to make something unique and left for me to find!

Hello Alpha Stampers!

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Crushed Velvet & Roses Art Blog!

If you'd like to leave a comment you will be entered to win 2 sheets of GINORMOUS Antique French Ledger Sheets from the 1860s.  Each sheet is 18"x12" - they're HUGE and have stunning writing on both sides.  I don't part easily with these sheets (as in NEVER! LOL) so now's your chance!

Also please let me know if you'd like to exchange blog links when you comment! As you can see my blog links are pretty much non-existent due to changing my blog server from my website to blogspot.

To be considered for the giveaway you must be a member of the Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group.  The winner of the 2 French Ledger sheets will be announced on Monday, April 4th via  Thank you again for visiting!


btw - sorry for the bad picture of the ledger. Marshmallow-Moon-Pie the cat kept batting at the paper and I just couldn't get a good shot!  She's so diabolical.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Antique French Ledger Paper

Is it *really* so bad that I'm tearing up ginormous pages of antique French Ledger (c. 1884) paper to use on a mini-coffin?  And other things?

Can't wait to finish it!